Diaphragm Pump application usually able to find from Industries such as Paint & Coating, Ceramic, Chemical, Coatings, Construction, Food processing, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Rubber, Waste water and etc.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry uses the largest range of diaphragm pump, due to the large numbers of fluid used. It contains chemically aggressive fluids, flammable fluids, abrasive, viscous fluids or highly volatile. By mixing the materials available for the pump body and elastomers available for membranes, virtually all pumping problems find their solutions.

Industry Production Of Paint

Pumping in paint industries presents many difficulties due to the specificities of pumped fluids: in the production process there are several types of media: paint, resins and solvents. Solvents are often flammable pumps must be grounded, the solvents are highly volatile pneumatic pumps must have a maximum seal, paint and more generally high viscosity of the order of 10,000 cps, diaphragm pumps must have capacity pumping a fluid of high viscosity.

Ceramic Industry Production

The ceramic industry is the industry that best suits the pumps double diaphragm: in fact three types of fluids are used in the manufacturing process, the main one being that the slip is extremely abrasive fluid, viscosity and of high density. Diaphragm pumps are optimized for this type of application: they have a reinforced body and bolted to cope with the problem of abrasion and greatly improves the life of the pump. In this type of industry we also find small diaphragm pumps in polypropylene for spraying pumps, air-flow techniques have reduced pulse rate which improves the quality of spraying.

Environment Industry

All industries related to environmental issues are growing rapidly, technologies used in different sectors rely heavily on the benefits of diaphragm pumps: pumping of viscous fluid: the sewage sludge can be highly viscous, abrasive and aggressive chemically pneumatic diaphragm pumps of large capacity are used in this case.

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